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Aether is a BEP20 smart chain token that uses proof of stake smart contract. Using mathematical formula Aether are able to mimic a proof of stake functions in binance smart chain.

Aether are building a robust and engaging cryptocurrency community by doing 10 rounds of community airdrop. Everyone can join and participate in our 10 rounds of airdrop provided they follow our rules and requirements.

Round #1 Airdrop Registration

OTC Private Sale

$4000 ATR per 1 BNB

  • VIP airdrop membership
  • +100% bonus on our 10 rounds airdrop
  • Exclusive VIP only airdrop
  • Minimum Purchase: 0.10 BNB
  • Maximum Purchase: 2 BNB
Buy INSTANTLY on bounce

Investors Benefits

Airdrop VIP membership

All users who joined our private sale will get VIP status in our airdrop. All VIP members will automatically qualify for all 10 rounds of airdrop regardless of rules and requirements. 

Guaranteed airdrop stakes

All users who joined our private sale will get additional guaranteed 1 stake or x2 airdrop whichever is higher. 

Other benefits

  • VIP badge in our discord channel
  • Private chat in our discord channel
  • Higher voting power in the community vote
  • Exclusive VIP only airdrop when the 10 rounds of airdrop ends.

Aether Tokenamics

Dev Funds
Private Sale

Token Details

  • Token name: Aether
  • Symbol: ATR
  • Decimal: 18
  • Blockchain: Binance smartchain
  • Maximum supply: 7,785,000 ATR
  • Initial supply: 1,785,000 ATR
  • Minimum staking age: 3 days
  • Maximum staking age: 90 days
  • 1st year staking interest: 100%
  • 2nd year staking interest: 50%
  • 3rd year onwards: 10%

Contract Details

Contract address: 0x0cf21b4ad39278f34286b6a48ef34f7fba21214b

Symbol: ATR

Decimal: 18

Explorer: https://bscscan.com/token/0x0cf21b4ad39278f34286b6a48ef34f7fba21214b

  • Initial planning
  • Project formation
  • Seed funding
  • Team formation
  • Project announcement
  • OTC Privatesale
  • First airdrop distribution
  • Pancakeswap trading
  • Alpha release of offchain staking platform
  • Mobile staking wallet
  • Launch of ATR on ETH chain
Q4 2021
  • Community oracle voting platform
  • Community driven development

Offchain staking platform

Interacting with aether POS smart contract cost small amount bnb as fees, With our offchain staking platform anyone will be able to stake and farm more ATR tokens without paying any BNB for fees. Our offchain staking allows higher APR percentages since ATR tokens of different people are pooled together to maximize compounding staking rewards.

Other token projects can also add their own token in our staking platform and provides additional income streams for their community. A small listing fee paid by ATR token are paid by token developer to list in our offchain staking platform. All ATR tokens earned from listing fees will be burn.

Staking mobile wallet

With our mobile wallet, Interacting with smart contract to initiate POS function can be done on the the fly with few simple clicks. Embedded with built-in proof of stake age calculator that will enable users to check their POS rewards before interacting POS functions in the smart contract.

We expect our alpha version will be available on the Q3 of 2021 or Early Q4 2021.

Frequently asked Questions

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